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BlackBerry® 8520 Curve™ Fuchsia Red Without a Contract

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Download Dreamfall: The Longest Journey _pc game


Get ready for an exciting journey through the twin worlds of science and magic - and beyond! Embark on an epic adventure across continents, and visit exotic locations in an action-packed and emotional storyline.

Dreamfall is a third-person action-adventure set in The Longest Journey universe and featuring three playable characters, dozens of locations spanning three worlds, exciting set-pieces with multiple outcomes, action-packed adventure gameplay, and an epic and emotional storyline. Spanning three worlds, Dreamfall features dozens of exotic locations, from a futuristic Casablanca in Stark, to a magic metropolis in Arcadia; from a strange city at sea, to vast subterranean caverns, and a dark necropolis; from the high-tech halls of a Japanese corporation, to the frightening realm of the Winter.Activation Code: (this also enables online multiplayer mode) is given in the attachment.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
* OS: Windows XP (with service pack 2)
* CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz or AMD Sempron 2800+ or higher
* Memory: 512 MB RAM
* Hard Drive: 7 GB free disk space
* Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
* Video Card*: 3D Hardware Accelerator Card Required - 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 128 MB with latest drivers
* Disc Drive: 8x speed CD-ROM drive or 2X DVD-ROM drive

Recommended System Requirements:
* CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.5 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 3500+
* Memory: 1 GB
* Video Card*: 256 MB 3D Hardware Accelerator Card
* Sound Card: Creative Audigy Series Sound Card

Supported video cards:
ATI Radeon 9550, ATI Radeon 9600, ATI Radeon 9700, ATI Radeon X300, ATI Radeon X500, ATI Radeon X600, ATI Radeon X700, ATI Radeon X800, ATI Radeon X1300, ATI Radeon X1600, ATI Radeon X1800, Nvidia Geforce FX 5700, Nvidia Geforce FX 5900, Nvidia Geforce FX 5950, Nvidia Geforce 6200, Nvidia Geforce 6600, Nvidia Geforce 6800, Nvidia Geforce 7800

Rapidshare Links(All working)-

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Download PC game 25 to life


25 TO LIFE is the first true Cops and Robbers game. Choose your side in this urban action third person shooter. The game delivers intense online game-play for up to 16 players, as well as a rich single player experience. Witness the gritty lifestyles of police task forces or strive to survive as a gangster fighting your way out of the streets.

The story unfolds through the eyes of Detective Lester Williams of the local Police Department and Andre “Freeze” Francis, the street “lieutenant” of the 22nd St D-Boys, a well established street gang whose greedy philosophy keeps their enemies in fear. Their gritty journeys are conveyed through four intertwined chronicles that culminate into true life lessons.

Freeze, a young twenty-something hustler is trying hard to get out the game, stay down with his lifelong crew and avoid his third strike. But when Calderon, Freeze’s lifetime homeboy, double crosses him on the last Job; it forces Freeze to get revenge, save his only son from a life of crime and survive a series of deadly shootouts. Along the way, Freeze faces-off with Detective Williams and his deadly partner, Maria Mendoza. Freeze must also step to a legion of haters out to kill him…


Pentium 4 1.4GHz Processor
64MB DirectX compatible Video Card with Pixel Shader 1.1 Support
DirectX compatible Sound Card
DirectX 9
2.5GB Hard Disk Space
Pentium 4 2.4GHz Processor
128MB DirectX compatible Video Card with Pixel Shader 2.0 Support

25 to life rapidshare-Part 1
25 to life rapidshare-Part 2
25 to life rapidshare-Part 3
25 to life rapidshare-Part 4
25 to life rapidshare-Part 5
25 to life rapidshare-Part 6
25 to life rapidshare-Part 7
25 to life rapidshare-Part 8
25 to life rapidshare-Part 9
25 to life rapidshare-Part 10
25 to life rapidshare-Part 11
25 to life rapidshare-Part 12

Cheat Codes

To enable invincibility you must edit a file, as always, make a backup of the file before proceeding.

Find the "easy.var" file in the "\25 to life\data\var" folder. Uncheck the read-only attribute of the file, then use a text editor to open it. (To change a file's attribute's in Windows simply right click it and select properties.)

Find the "AI2PlayerDamage 0.14" line and change the "0.14" to "0.00". You will now take no damage when the game is played on the Easy difficulty setting.

25 To Life Cheats and Unlockables

Arrest Shaun.

DJ Envy
Reach the subway.

Defeat Saragosa.

Officer Williams
Reach Mendoza's car with the evidence.

Rick Ta Life
Reach your car.

Tech H9ne
Arrest Shaun.

Bank Robbing Costume
Use an escape car to get away.

Freeze's Starting Costume
Get in your car.

Shaun's Getaway Digs Costume
Trap Shaun in the subway.

Beatdown Bonus Mission
Successfully complete all twelve missions and all objectives.


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Free Download PC game -Fable The Lost Chapters


Some heroes are made when they rise to the occasion. Others build their reputations over time. This latter case is the subject of Fable: The Lost Chapters, a game in which you get to vicariously experience the life of an archetypal fantasy hero, and, in some respects, decide what eventually becomes of him. Originally released for the Xbox last year, Fable was one of the most highly anticipated games since the Xbox's debut, and the latest title overseen by visionary game designer Peter Molyneux since 2001's innovative Black & White. Like that game, Fable invites you to solve problems either by being good or by being evil, and to watch as the effects of your decisions gradually take a noticeable toll on your persona. Fable also features a number of novel elements, such as how your hero's appearance gradually changes with age, and how villagers respond differently to him depending on his reputation, looks, and other factors. These elements serve to significantly differentiate a game that's actually pretty straightforward in terms of how it plays. Beneath the surface, Fable is a well-put-together but standard action adventure, primarily consisting of lots of basic combat and running from point to point. Mind you, this is a decidedly great game, all in all. Its most interesting, riskiest features may lie at the fringes rather than at the core--but they're there.

Fable is an imaginative game that's got enough remarkable, unique moments in it to make it shine. That many of these moments happen to be good for a laugh is all the better. It's true that the game's high points are not always frequent--its ambitions are evident but not always fulfilled, and the pervasively playful spirit of the game sometimes is mired by convention. These trespasses are more than excusable, though. Regardless of how much time you ultimately spend playing Fable, you're not likely to forget the experience for a long while.

Minimum System Requirements
System: 1.4 gigahertz (GHz) or higher or equivalent
RAM: 256 MB
Video Memory: 64 MB
Other: Microsoft Windows XP, video card with Shader 1.1 support

Download Links ( Rapidshare)


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Free download PC Game- Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock


PC version will match their console counterparts with explosive new content and features including a multiplayer action-inspired battle mode, grueling boss battles, a host of exclusive unlockable content and visually stunning rock venues. With more than 70 songs in the set list, and more original master tracks than ever before, players will be able to shred from many of the freshest and hottest artists today, along with many of the most popular rock songs ever recorded. Expanded online multiplayer game modes will also allow PC and Mac enthusiasts to rip head-to-head against players around the world and across either platform, raising the level of competition for true legendary rock status.

System Requirements:

* Operating System: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista
* CPU Processor: Intel Pentium D (Dual Core) 2.8GHZ or AMD Athlon 64 3500+
* Memory: XP - 1 GB RAM, Vista – 2GB RAM
* Hard Disk Space: 5.1 GB + 1GB Swap File
* Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
* Video Card: 3D Hardware Accelerator Card Required – 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 128 MB Video Memory
* Video Card (ATI): Radeon X800
* Video Card (Nvidia): Geforce 7600
* Media Required: 4X DVD-ROM drive
* Windows XP/Vista compatible mouse and keyboard with latest drivers
* Guitar Hero 3 Official PC Guitar Controller

This product does not support Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP x64/Vista x64.


* Internet(TCP/IP) play supported
* Internet play requires a broadband connection

Download links:

Password: Sunfood Nutrition - The World's Premier Source of

Free download PC Game- Terror Strike


Speed kills. Consider this the big message of Terror Strike: Close Quarters Combat, a year-old tactical shooter (it hit Europe in early 2006 under the name of The Regiment) from Kuju Entertainment that revs up the terrorist-killing meme of Rainbow Six so much that it feels like a lethal biathlon. This certainly lends the proceedings a unique intensity, but ventilating tangos and rescuing hostages like some kind of Flash in army boots exposes serious holes in squad artificial intelligence, level design, and game mechanics. So all this breathtaking velocity really only serves to take you from "Hey, this is kind of a neat budget take on Tom Clancy" to "I want to throw my mouse through my monitor" at a breakneck pace.

If Terror Strike were just a standard Rainbow Six clone (albeit one with a delightful Cockney accent), you'd have a pretty reasonable budget game for tactical shooter fans. It's a shame that Kuju had to mess up what could have been a perfectly good rip-off with so much speed and frustrating difficulty.

Minimum System Requirements:
System: Pentium IV 1.8 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 512 MB
Video Memory: 128 MB
Hard Drive Space: 3000 MB

Recommended System Requirements:
System: Pentium IV 2.8 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 1024 MB
Video Memory: 256 MB

Download Links:

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Free Download PC game -Travelogue 360


Travelogue 360 | 79 MB

Travelogue 360 is completely addicting hidden object game fun.

If you loved Mystery Case Files, you'll love Travelogue 360! You've never seen clue-finding like this before, because all the action is in 3D as you rotate and zoom around scenic Paris locations to find each item.

Locate hidden items in breathtaking settings like the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, the Arc d’Triomphe, and other Parisian landmarks. It's the next best thing to being there in person! Find your own Paris in Travelogue 360.

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Free download PC Game- Santas Super Friends


Santas Super Friends | 100 MB

Find out who Mr. Stink is and why he would steal all the toys right before Christmas. In Santa's Super Friends, you make your way from Candy Cane Cove to Santa's Workshop you'll meet some super Friends along the way like Edmund the Elf and Gingerbread Jr. that will give you information about Mr. Stink to help you get the toys back! With 60 progressively harder levels of play, 3 skill levels to choose from and even your very own Christmas Tree ornaments to collect you'll be instantly hooked.

Download Links: Sunfood Nutrition - The World's Premier Source of

Free download PC Game-Destiny Architect


Destiny Architect | 22 MB

This is a story of one small girl who obtained her powers occasionally. Her friends and relatives have turned away from her because of their fear before unknown. But somebody stood up for her and took her to the Magic Academy, where sheаmanaged to control her powers. Now the youngest state magician with young village soul will face thrilling adventures, hard tests and new friends who accept her as she is.

“Once, somebody will come to the Earth, who will be able to help elves to control unruly wild Magic” - an ancient prophecy says. But who could know that this somebody will be cute village girl, who was rejected by her fellow-villagers who were frightened of her strange skills.

This Arcade Block build game with logic elements will make you think of how it will be faster and better to build difficult construction which consists of incredible forms of blocks. If you want to help the heroine to build her destiny, this game is for you.

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Free download PC Game- Aveyond II Eans Quest


Aveyond II Eans Quest | 34 MB

Snow has fallen on a magical vale where it has never snowed before. A beautiful young elf is missing, and no one remembers her existence. That is, no one except for her best friend, Ean.
To solve the mystery of his lost friend, Ean leaves the vale and travels to the dangerous Land of Man. Ean's adventure takes him through dark forests, arid deserts, and finally to a great mountain of ice where the answers to all of his questions await. And that is just the beginning.

Solve dozens of adventure puzzles and explore an enchanting world. Aveyond 2 is packed with monsters, magic, and humor. Stop an evil queen from turning the world into ice, capture a dragon and ride the winds to ancient lands, unite the kingdoms and discover your destiny.

Mouse support
Shapeshift Ean & dress Iya
Join a guild
Buy Grimm's Farm and raise pets
Karma system
Attraction system
Secret goodie caves (can you find them?)

Download Links:

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Godfather The Game

The Godfather Cheat Codes
Go to the Pause Menu (by pressing ESC) and, using the keyboard, type:
Cheat Effect
corleone Full Health
stracci Full Ammo
cuneo $5000
tattaglia Unlock Movies

Review Of The Godgather_game

Overall...8.8 (superb)
System requirements..
1.4 GHz Pentium 4 processor
Video memory_64mb

download The Godfather The Game

The Godfather The Game file1 _size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 2_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 3_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 4_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 5_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 6_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 7_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 8_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 9_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 10_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 11_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 12_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 13_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 14_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 15_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 16_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 17_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file18 _size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 19_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 20_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 21_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 22_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 23_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 24_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 25_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 26_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 27_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 28_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 29_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 30_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 31_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 32_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 33_size _97mb
The Godfather The Game file 34_size _60mb
The Godfather The Game file 35_size _2mb Sunfood Nutrition - The World's Premier Source of

Download 7_zip file archiver



The main features of 7-Zip

  • High compression ratio in new 7z format with LZMA compression
  • Supported formats:
    • Packing / unpacking: 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR
    • Unpacking only: RAR, CAB, ISO, ARJ, LZH, CHM, Z, CPIO, RPM, DEB and NSIS
  • For ZIP and GZIP formats, 7-Zip provides a compression ratio that is 2-10 % better than the ratio provided by PKZip and WinZip
  • Self-extracting capability for 7z format
  • Integration with Windows Shell
  • Powerful File Manager
  • Powerful command line version
  • Plugin for FAR Manager
  • Localizations for 63 languages

Download 7_zip file archiver......Size of file 1mb Sunfood Nutrition - The World's Premier Source of

Ghost master


RATiNG ....8.5...Superb

System Requirements for Ghost master

  • Windows XP/ME/2000/98
  • PIII 500 or equivalent
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 4X CDROM/DVD-ROM Drive
  • 700 MB Free HD space
  • 16MB Direct 3D-cpable video card
Download Ghost Master

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Download Project IGI 2 :covert strike


Project IGI 2 Review
Graphics: 7.5
Sound : 8.5
Gameplay :8.0
Overall : 7.8
This is one of the exellent first shooter game..
VIDEO of Project IGI 2 covert strike

Hardware Requirements, Systeme Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP; DirectX 8.1; 450MHz CPU; 128MB RAM; 16-bit Direct Sound compliant sound card; Compatible 3D graphics card with 16MB RAM; 8X CD-ROM; 800MB HD space

DOWNLOAD Project IGI 2 :covert strike FULL
size 190 mb

Project IGI 2 :covert strike rapidshare part1
Project IGI 2 :covert strike rapidshare part2
Project IGI 2 :covert strike rapidshare part3
Project IGI 2 :covert strike rapidshare part4
Project IGI 2 :covert strike rapidshare part5

DOWNLOAD Project IGI 2 :covert strike rip

Project IGI 2 :covert strike file 1 .....size 55.7 mb each
Project IGI 2 :covert strike file 2
Project IGI 2 :covert strike file 3
Project IGI 2 :covert strike file 4
Project IGI 2 :covert strike file 5
Project IGI 2 :covert strike file 6
Project IGI 2 :covert strike file 7
Project IGI 2 :covert strike file 8 ......size 1.5 mb

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Mario Forever 4

eToro game for Mario Lovers

File size : 20.54MB

linK : Mario Forever 4 .rar

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Download Max payne2:the fall of Max Payne


Download Max payne2:
RATING..........overall.....9.2 GOOD
System Requirments for Max Pyane 2 : Fall of M P

  • 1Ghz PIII/Athlon or 1.2Ghz Celeron or above
  • 32MB AGP graphics card
  • 256MB RAM
  • 1.5 GB hard drive space
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

LINKs Size part 1 to 10 ......100 mb ..part11..88.6 mb Max Payne 2 : Fall of Max Payne Part 1 Max Payne 2 : Fall of Max Payne Part 2 Max Payne 2 : Fall of Max Payne Part 3 Max Payne 2 : Fall of Max Payne Part 4 Max Payne 2 : Fall of Max Payne Part 5 Max Payne 2 : Fall of Max Payne Part 6 Max Payne 2 : Fall of Max Payne Part 7 Max Payne 2 : Fall of Max Payne Part 8 Max Payne 2 : Fall of Max Payne Part 9 Max Payne 2 : Fall of Max Payne Part 10 Max Payne 2 : Fall of Max Payne Part 11

Alternative MegaUpload Links

File 1 and 2 --498 mb
File 3----------315 mb

Max payne2:the fall of Max Payne MegaUpload 1

Max payne2:the fall of Max Payne MegaUpload 2

Max payne2:the fall of Max Payne MegaUpload 3

Cheats , WALKTHROUGH for Max payne2 Sunfood Nutrition - The World's Premier Source of

Download Max Payne 1


Three years back a young NYPD cop, Max Payne, came home one night to find his family senselessly slaughtered by a gang of drug-crazed junkies, high on a previously unknown synthetic drug. Now that same drug, Valkyr, has spread through the whole New York City like a nightmare plague, and Max Payne’s on a crusade for revenge, out to get even. To Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, this new drug was evil incarnate, to be stopped at any cost. Max's boss and best friend, the only one who knew his true identity, has been murdered, and Max's been framed for the slaying. Everything ripped apart in a New York minute... Max Payne is a man with nothing to lose in the violent, cold urban night. A fugitive undercover cop framed for murder, and now hunted by cops and the mob. Max is a man with his back against the wall, fighting a battle he cannot hope to win. Prepare for a new breed of deep action game. Prepare for pain...

Max Payne features:

* FEEL THE PAIN -- "Story is the bedrock of Max Payne. Yeah, it's chock full of mind-blowing gunplay. But at every turn, a new and clever piece of noir storytelling will motivate you forward and illuminate the action." -- PC Gamer
* REALISM TO THE MAX -- A first in gaming. The first PC game with photo-digitized textures, radiosity lighting and hardware T&L combined. All this tech talk just means game play never looked this real, nor frightening!
* BULLET-TIME GAME PLAY -- A first in gaming. "Slo-mo gives you an inventive advantage over your opposition...[and] also happens to be the most frickin' cool device ever employed in an action game." -- PC Gamer
* PLAY IT YOUR WAY -- Auto-adjusting game play, another first in gaming. You want the action will be challenging and intense, but not unfair and frustrating--the game's self-adjusting difficulty keeps you in the sweet spot of game play bliss.
* MAKE YOUR OWN LEVELS -- The most powerful, easiest-to-use game editor ever released is in your creative hands, with WYSIWYG-style editing. Even recreate your house or workplace!
* MORE REALISM -- Painstaking attention to detail, bullets even modeled accurately resulting in realistic and cinematic game play unlike anything you've seen. "Everything is destructible, and comes apart realistically. You've never played action sequences with this level of demolition." -- PC Gamer

System Requirements
Minimum Requirements:

450MHz AMD / Intel Processor
16MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card

Recommended System:

700 MHz AMD / Intel Processor
128 MB RAM
32 MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card

Generic requirements:

DirectX 8.0
DirectSound compatible sound card

Full install: 830 MB
Minimum install: 530 MB

Minimum install will load the levels from the game CD. Full installation is recommended for optimal performance.

Here are Download links:

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Download Moto Race Challenge 2007


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

This game will run on average PC

Download Moto Race Challenge 2007 .rar 26 mb

Welcome to the Moto Race Challenge 2007! You're a speed freak with gasoline running through your veins? Then you're in the right place.

There are plenty of virtual high-speed racecourses waiting for you here! get that biker feeling with our free motor-bike game on the internet. Enulate Tom Luthi our 125 ccmworld champion of 2005 and show us what you can do. And best of all: There are prizes waiting to be won.

Moto Race Challenge 2007 Sunfood Nutrition - The World's Premier Source of

Download A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars


Sys req__cpu-p4 or athlon 800 mhz; ram-265mb; video-32 mb

Brief Overview

A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars is a sequel in which action takes place some time later from the final mission of the game A.I.M. Super's control had dissapered so that new opportunities became available for mechs. New sectors were opened. After the Reformation (the process which has much to do with the Beholder) mechs changed greatly. Many of the old clans dissapered. Their goals sank into oblivion.

File name File size Uploaded at Download
ggs-aim2.r20 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 12:12:27 PM Download
ggs-aim2.r19 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 12:12:21 PM Download
ggs-aim2.r18 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 12:12:10 PM Download
ggs-aim2.r18 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:56:22 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r21 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:55:53 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r16 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:55:01 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r17 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:54:57 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r14 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:54:55 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r15 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:54:53 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r22 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:54:51 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r13 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:54:49 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r23 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:54:28 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r11 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:54:24 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r12 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:54:22 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r25 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:54:18 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r10 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:52:57 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r24 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:52:49 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r26 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:52:37 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r09 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:47:30 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r07 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:44:13 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r08 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:43:52 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r27 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:41:49 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r06 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:41:08 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r28 34 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:40:52 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r05 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:40:16 AM Download
ggs-aim2.rar 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:39:46 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r03 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:39:17 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r04 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:38:54 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r02 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:38:25 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r01 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:37:50 AM Download
ggs-aim2.r00 47 MB Aug 15, 2007 11:37:22 AM Download
ggs-aim2.nfo 9 KB Aug 15, 2007 11:36:56 AM Download
ggs-aim2.sfv 660 bytes Aug 15, 2007 11:36:52 AM Download


* Artificial intelligence of mech and intelligence of the gamer are matches.
* The opportunity to establish your own organization and to control it.
* The opportunity to capture bases and other buildings as well as to take control of the whole sector.
* Improved social system.
* Expanded game world. 3 new sectors are on the planet surface and 1 new sector is in the underground. More new underground mini-locations in which some key events take place.
* Improved system of upgrades which allows to upgrade practically all the elements of the glider.
* Improved trade system. Debris and raw materials are available for sale.
* New generating thrilling quests.
* New types of rating: trade, battle, courier. Ratings and improved social system allow to reach a goal not only with the help of the weapon. Sunfood Nutrition - The World's Premier Source of

Download Call for Heroes Pompolic Wars - DELiGHT


Download Call for Heroes Pompolic Wars - DELiGHT
file1 to 6 are of 100mb, file 7 is of 79 mb

Call for Heroes Pompolic Wars - DELiGHT part1
Call for Heroes Pompolic Wars - DELiGHT part2
Call for Heroes Pompolic Wars - DELiGHT part3
Call for Heroes Pompolic Wars - DELiGHT part4
Call for Heroes Pompolic Wars - DELiGHT part5
Call for Heroes Pompolic Wars - DELiGHT part6
Call for Heroes Pompolic Wars - DELiGHT part7

Hardware Requirements
* Pentium 4 1.6GHz or Athlon 1600+
* 384 MB system RAM
* nVidia GeForce FX or ATI Radeon 9500 with 64MB video RAM

Many years ago, a dimensional portal to the Outer Worlds was suddenly opened, and an enemy from the darkness encroached upon our world. Led by Pompolic, these armies of demonic hordes quickly overran most (but not all) of the planet. The origin of Pompolic is not known, but it is sure that this malevolent spiritual being possesses supernatural power, and his desire is obvious, possess the people and turn them into fellows of his dark army. The evil is spreading its power via his servants; the Dark Souls. These Dark Souls - protected by a horde of monsters - are poisoning the minds of his victims and making them slaves of evil. The denizens of this world are on the edge of total annihilation. However, a little hope still exists in the heart of the remaining citizens. They believe that there are brave hearts who can save the world from the source of the evil power. If the Dark Souls were to be captured, the onslaught would stop, and Pompolic would be defeated; the call for heroes is made...

* The game is placed in a fantasy world and divided into 12 maps.
* The player can choose between 2 characters.
* Each character has unique weapons and different abilities.
* There are 18 types of monsters, and at the end of the game the chief monster awaits the player. During the journey, the player gains experience which will help him to upgrade his strength, armor and health.
* The game uses the latest lighting and shadowing techniques, including real-time shadows, DOT3 bump mapping, water reflections, particle systems and more.
* Monsters also have advanced bump-mapping and lighting models including spectacular lighting.
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Download Advance Split Machine

Advance Split Machine (ADSM) is a great program
that help you to split and unsplit big files
(e.g. Videos, big Folders etc). You can split separate
Files or complet Folders. You can also set your own
Files' size or select one from a list (Floppy size,
ZIP-Disk size, CD 650mb size and CD 700mb size).

You can ask why this program and not such program
as WinZip. The answer is, this program is faster
and is free.

You have no more problems with big files, those not
fit on your CD or Floppy.

Spare your time. Time is money!

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Following Winrar file contains All the saved games of Mafia

Size of File- 7 mb

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FREE DOWNLOAD Movie - High School Musical 2 EXTENDED(2007)


Kenny Ortega's High School Musical 2 reunites the cast from the hit made-for-Disney Channel original to tell another story in the lives of the musically inclined students attending East Side High. The sequel takes place primarily at the Lava Springs Country Club, an exclusive summer resort that hires Wildcat basketball hero Troy Bolton (Zac Efron), his genius girlfriend Gabriella Montez ({Vanessa Hudgens), and their two best friends. The parents of scheming Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) own the resort, and she wields her remarkable power in an attempt to win Troy away from Gabriella. Eventually Troy must decide between a bright future with a scholarship, or true love. High School Musical 2 premiered on the cable outlook on August 17, 2007

Rapidshare Links:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
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FREE DOWNLOAD Game- James Bond 007: NightFire


NightFire takes inspiration from several of the best 007 moments across the years. In the completely original storyline, the super-spy finds himself on the trail of a corrupt businessman who's hatched a plan to use a secret weapon to destroy the world. Bond's quest to stop the terrorist before he can do any harm takes him across the world through a variety of stealth and action stages, deep into the ocean, and soaring into space. Most of the game (including the four-player multiplayer mode) is played in the first-person perspective, but there are also racing action stages that utilize the Need for Speed game engine.

James Bond is pitted against megalomaniac Raphael Drake, the world's largest green-industrialist and the president of Phoenix International. The goal of Phoenix International is to rid the world of unnecessary nuclear weapons and power plants to cleanse the environment. However, Phoenix International is soon suspected to be connected to the theft of a ballistic weapons guidance microchip that was meant to be part of the USSWP, or the United States Space Weapon Platform. When Bond starts to investigate the Japanese branch of Phoenix International, he learns of the true purpose of the international corporation: to carry out a decades-long, secret operation codenamed "Nightfire" that when completed will drastically redraw the lines that separate the countries of the world along with their governments, and plans to take over the world by taking control of all global corporations.

System Requirements:
# Minimum System Requirements
System: PIII 500 or equivalent
Hard Drive Space: 675 MB
DirectX: DirectX v8.1

# Recommended System Requirements
System: PIII 1GHz or equivalent
Hard Drive Space: 1400 MB

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FREE DOWNLOAD Game- Crysis (Full)


* An immersive story that puts you the player in the pivotal role to repel an alien invasion and save mankind
* A unique three-act structure that forces the player to use real-time armor and weapons customization to adapt to an ever changing dynamic world
* Encounter a compelling, frightening and totally original alien species that uses its senses intelligently and work in combination with each other to present players with the most challenging opponents yet in an FPS
* Enemy and ally AI utilise real-world military tactics
* Take control of a wide variety of land, sea and air vehicles including trucks, tanks, boats and helicopters
* Explore a living, dynamic world where earthquakes, breaking ice, landslides, and tornados pose a real and an ever-present danger
* 32-player Multiplayer with real-time armour and weapons customization and an all new mode that combines player modification and tactical objectives
* Emergent gameplay
* actions taken in the game affect future outcomes giving each player a unique experience
* Highly robust and easy to use mod toolset allow players to create their own expansive levels with game modes for both multiplayer and single player
* The most realistic environments, spectacular special effects, physics game engine, lighting system and enemy AI through CryENGINETM 2

Manufacturer's Description:
Crysis is a PC sci-fi first-person shooter from the award-winning developer Crytek, the developers of the critically acclaimed Far Cry (MC90).

Earth, 2019: A colossal asteroid crashes down to Earth.

The North Korean Government quickly seals off the island chain, claiming the mysteries of the asteroid for themselves. The United States responds by dispatching an elite team of Delta Force Operators to recon the situation and report back to the Pentagon. Amid rising tensions between the US and North Koreans, the asteroid suddenly bursts open, revealing a massive, 2km high alien ship. The ship generates an immense force sphere, freezing a vast portion of the island and drastically altering the global weather system. The invasion of Earth has begun.

The two rival nations unite to stop the aliens and save mankind. The newly formed alliance fights epic battles against the marauding Aliens. With hope rapidly fading, the player must lead a crack squad through lush tropical jungle, harsh frozen landscapes, and finally into the heart of the alien ship itself for the ultimate Zero G encounter with the aliens.

Crysis offers players a highly immersive FPS experience in which they will have to adapt their tactics, weaponry, armour and gameplay style to survive and defeat the alien invasion.

Crysis uses the leading-edge technology of Crytek's proprietary engine CryENGINE.

Minimum Requirements:

CPU: Athlon 64 3000+/Intel 2.8ghz
Graphics: Nvidia 6600/X800GTO (SM 2.0)
RAM: 768Mb/1Gb on Windows Vista
Internet: 256k+
Optical Drive: DVD
Software: DX9.0c with Windows XP

Recommended Requirements:

CPU: Dual-core CPU (Athlon X2/Pentium D)
Graphics: Nvidia 7800GTX/ATI X1800XT (SM 3.0) or DX10 equivalent
RAM: 1.5Gb
Internet: 512k+ (128k+ upstream)
Optical Drive: DVD
Software: DX10 with Windows Vista

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