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BlackBerry® 8520 Curve™ Fuchsia Red Without a Contract

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Friday, April 18, 2008

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) of IGI2 covert strike

D. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I finish mission 4? I always ran out of time.
>> You can't finish this mission in just one run. You're bound to
restart especially on the warehouse area where you'll probably spend
most of your time. If you picked the c4 with around 5 or 4 minutes left
then it's still a good run, if more than that then the better. Sneaking
down the hill to pick the fuse/timer is more easier. Planting the bombs
is also easy as long as you time your run on the bridge, that way you'll
never be killed by the nearby guards. Side stepping while running also
helps to avoid shots. Save wisely, if you think you arrived at one spot
earlier than before, then save so you don't have to restart all over.

2. Mission 5 is more difficult, how can I beat all of them plus the APC?
>> You probably waited for the APC to unload the bad guys inside. You'll
really have a problem approaching the convoy, I suggest running
immediately to the convoy and get the rocket launcher before it unloads
the baddies.

3. How can I cross the mine fields in Border Crossing w/o getting killed?
>> Just follow the ropes but don't cross/jump on it, you'll definitely
die. The ropes will turn at one point where you can climb the fence
(assuming you killed the bad guys patrolling this area and the one at
the tower). I also made a small ASCII map for this one, just to give
you an idea of where to go (it's in the mission 7 walkthrough).

4. Where are the two guards mentioned in last objective of Prison Escape?
>> I don't know too. Maybe they're the two guards near the "inner" gate
but if you followed my walkthrough w/c is snipe all guards on the ground,
then you probably killed them.

5. I thought i finished mission 13, but they caught me and the next thing I
know I only have my knife with me. Where are my weapons?
>> Then you're not reading the walkthrough. I suggest you read my
strategy for Showdown at the Docks, you'll have a better chance of
killing Quest this way than picking your weapons inside the warehouse.

6. Why is there no walkthrough for mission 19? Why don't you upgrade your
PC? You can't play newer games with that trash.
>> I can't play mission 19 because my pc crashes during the loading
screen, and I don't have enough money to upgrade my system. I live in a
squatters area in a third world country. I'm lucky enough that i'm able
to play this game, from what I saw at other forums even gamers with a
high end system are still unable to play IGI-2 because of it's crashing
problems. Why don't you just ask some questions that make sense or
better yet contribute that mission 19.
>> By the way, someone already contributed a walkthrough for this

7. Your english sucks... didn't you study english during high school?
>> You're still writing?! I know that. If only most people around the
world can understand Tagalog, then I wouldn't make this FAQ in english.
That's also the reason why I made those ASCII maps, it's better so
you'll have a visual idea of what i'm referring. My favorite subject
was History not English. Go make your own FAQ if you like... just don't
copy mine.

8. I ran towards my enemies like a maniac. I destroyed every buildings on
my way. I am one with the crosshairs. I am a force to be reckoned with.
>> Hey Hotshot, you're dead because you didn't think. Still using all
your muscles except the one that matters most? In IGI2 you must know
when, where and how to attack. Plan your moves first before getting
trigger happy.

9. I know where my enemies are. I know how to use my thermal goggles. I
know where the next objective is located. My map is my best friend. I
know how to crouch and crawl. I'm being smart about my moves. SO WHY
>> Hey Mastermind, you're dead because you didn't get your hands dirty.
Other than thinking, placing a bullet in someone's head is important
too. That's why your years of studying at military school will come in

10.I saw a cheat somewhere, something about typing NADA at the main menu,
then you can use God Mode, All Ammo and other cheats on the game. Is that
>> No. Head to the Cheats section about this one.
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