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BlackBerry® 8520 Curve™ Fuchsia Red Without a Contract

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Download EL MATADOR PC game


El Matador is a third person action game set in the environment of the Central and South America. It takes proven features of the genre and enhances them with the latest technology, to provide the player with an opportunity to experience the dangers and excitements of war on drugs from first hand.

The player gets a role of a special DEA agent who fights not only against the dangerous Latin Narcomafia, an organized crime syndicate, but also against the betrayal of his own people. The player will progress through a story which weaves its way throughout the adventure, combines all the essential features of surprise, unexpected twists and dramatic developments. It is a tale of corruption, revenge, moral ambiguity and ultimate justice.

Review--7.8 / 10


* An interesting South American environment
* A beautiful and engaging setting in which to pursue corrupt and dangerous drug dealers
* A wide variety of essential gadgets which facilitate completion of stealth based missions
* A strong storyline
* A fascinating range of enemies
* AI hierarchy of "bad guys"--the bosses can order and move their troops about.
* Fully functional models for enemy actions in cases such as alarm etc
* 3D movement and viewing of characters
* Engine animation which adds texture to scenes and events, and builds atmosphere

Windows XP with DirectX 9.0
1.5GHz Pentium 3, AMD Athlon or equivalent
2.5GB HDD Space
sound Card (Sound Blaster compatible)
128MB Graphics Card


part1 to 25--98 mb
part 26 ----76 mb

Download EL MATADOR part1

Download EL MATADOR part2

Download EL MATADOR part3

Download EL MATADOR part4

Download EL MATADOR part5

Download EL MATADOR part6

Download EL MATADOR part7

Download EL MATADOR part8

Download EL MATADOR part9

Download EL MATADOR part10

Download EL MATADOR part11

Download EL MATADOR part12

Download EL MATADOR part13

Download EL MATADOR part14

Download EL MATADOR part15

Download EL MATADOR part16

Download EL MATADOR part17

Download EL MATADOR part18

Download EL MATADOR part19

Download EL MATADOR part20

Download EL MATADOR part21

Download EL MATADOR part22

Download EL MATADOR part23

Download EL MATADOR part24

Download EL MATADOR part25

Download EL MATADOR part26


Cheats of El Matador PC

Press [~] (tilde) while playing then type any of the following cheat codes:

Code: --------Result:
health -------God Mode
ammo -- -----Unlimited Ammo
weapons -- ---All Weapons
ninja -- --------High Jump
rambo -- ----Unlimited Ammo

Walkthrough of El Matador
Not found

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