BlackBerry® 8520 Curve™ Fuchsia Red Without a Contract

BlackBerry® 8520 Curve™ Fuchsia Red Without a Contract

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Friday, August 8, 2008

FREE DOWNLOAD PC game - Supreme Commander Forged Alliance


RELOADED are back with the stand-alone expansion to the epic real-time strategy game Supreme Commander.

The game, set in the distant future, lets you command one of three human factions. There’s the United Earth Federation, which represents empire and order; the Cybran Nation, a cybernetic faction fighting for its freedom; and the Aeon Illuminate, an alien-inspired human faction that seeks galactic harmony through force. You can lead any faction to victory in Supreme Commander, but at the end of the game an alien race bursts upon the scene. That alien race is the subject of THQ and developer Gas Powered Games’ stand-alone expansion, titled Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.


* New Faction
The new faction is the Seraphim, the alien race that the xenophobic human settlers had wiped out, and that had given rise to the Aeon. With help from QAI, they came back from another galaxy and intend to purge the galaxy. The Seraphim, being technologically superior than even the Aeon, have stronger units, but fewer of them than the other races.
* New units
Each faction receives ten new units, including one new experimental each. New units include the Cybran Brick, and Megalith - a new spider bot that is twice the size of the monkey lord. It is a mobile factory, and is amphibious, sporting 12 torpedo launchers and the large lasers as shown in the trailer. The Aeon receive a sniper bot, the “sprite striker”, and “Torrent”, a new missile ship. The UEF receive the “percival”, a new armoured assault bot, as well as the “Spearhead”, a mobile missile platform that fires 3 missiles simultaneously.
* Superior AI
The AI in Forged Alliance is far superior to the AI that was in Supreme Commander. If you’re new to Supreme Commander, playing against the easy AI is the best way to become accustomed to the basic game mechanics. The Easy AI will focus on building defenses rather than attacking, so you’ll be free to expand your area of operations and build up a massive army.

System Requirements:

* System: 1.8 GHz processor or equivalent
* RAM: 512 MB
* Video Memory: 128 MB
* Hard Drive Space: 8000 MB

* System: 3.0 GHz Intel or equivalent AMD processor or equivalent
* RAM: 1024 MB
* Video Memory: 256 MB

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