BlackBerry® 8520 Curve™ Fuchsia Red Without a Contract

BlackBerry® 8520 Curve™ Fuchsia Red Without a Contract

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Free download game ArmA: Queen's Gambit


Armed Assault Queens Gambit FLT
Discover the fate of Sahrani island along with secret operation missions and multiplayer mayhem within new enviroments especially designed for massive battles. Freedom of action melted with total realism makes this addon grave testament of it's own.
This expanision pack for ArmA features new campaigins and new multiplayer missions.
Two new story based campaigns:
- The Rahmadi Conflict: Beautifly designed 3 large missions involving massive
battles between the SLA, US and RACS forces within massive fortifications.
- Royal Flush: A group of seasoned mercenaries in 7 action/ stealth missions
hungry for one dirty goal. Just what is really waiting at the end of the
road? New features of this campaign include equipment management including
arms merchant.

New Multiplayer Missions:
- Urban Raid: Cooperative MP scenario designed for group of 6 battle-hardened
Special Forces soldiers.
- Battle of Porto: A "capture and hold" scenario for forty players on a brand
new and beautiful sandy island of Porto.

New Environments:
- Porto Island: designed for smaller multiplayer scenarios and offers perfect
environment for intense battles in urban terrain
- United Sahrani: United Sahrani contains new structures built since the
original story of Armed Assault with dozens of improvements

New Vehicles:
- Airplane: DC3, A10*, Su34*
- Car: HMMWV Limousine, MG mounted pickups, Motorbikes*

New weapons:
- Grenadelauncher: 6G30
- Rifles: M16A4*, M16A4 ACOG*, M16A4 GL*, M16A4 ACOG GL*, AK74 PSO1*
- Sniper Rifles: M107*, KSVK*

*Included in patch 1.08 with vehicles, planes and weapons released as free
updates for ArmA: Armed Assault.

Installation Information:
Just extract the archives and burn/mount with your favorite software.
Install, copy our crack from DVD to game dir overwriting the old then play.


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